I want to move to paris because…

26 Nov

Of the dessert.

My friend Kristen, who’s studying in Paris at the moment (and has now become my French foodie correspondent i ve decided), sent me some mouthwatering pics of things she has scoured across the pattiseries of Paris….

Now, The fact that these pics were mouthwatering really does not surprise me at all. I have known for quite some time that French pastry chefs are amongst the most pedantic and dedicated professionals in the world.

For instance, my friend, Vanessa, used to work at the Paris Cake shop in Bondi beach (which in my opinion is still the best thing on her resume), run by a French patry chef named James, who would wake up at 4 am each morning to bake his desserts fresh from scratch and create his little morsels of edible art. Any leftovers at the end of the day were discarded, or taken home by employees ( much to the happiness of Vanessa and our high school friends, who would always conveniently materialise at her place for tea the next day whenever this happened).

 Recently, I also read an article about how French McDonalds had started serving macaroons on the menu, causing an uproar amongst French pastry chefs across the country at the fact that there beloved meringey dessert had been commodified by corporate America. I am sure James was similarly aghast. (In my opinion, they looked pretty good!)

      McMacaroons at McCafe

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you an assortment of Parisian desserts that will undoubtedly make your mouth water. Also known as pure, unadulterated food porn for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy 🙂


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