Good Greek food in Amsterdam- “De 2 Grieken”

27 Nov

I love Greek food. All kinds. Octopus, stuffed tomatoes, feta, grills, baklava, dodgy 2 euro pita gyros from a souvlaki stand in Ios (often followed by a  dodgy 2 euro nutella crepe from the stand next door )…the works.

So I was very happy when my greek friend, Maro, informed us that there was an awesome Greek place just around the corner from our building- “De 2 grieken” (or “The 2 Greeks”, I think). I feel I have a special bond with Maro because we have a shared love of Greek food, and a shared love of Greek Pop star/2nd runner up in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Sakis Rouvas. Maro was stunned to find that anyone outside Greece knew who he was, to which I replied it may have had something to do with his dark hair, piercing green eyes, and chiselled abs….

Where was I? Oh right, food. Anyway, my point is that if a Greek person recommends this place, you know it’s gonna be good.

And indeed it was. De 2 Grieken is a cute little family run bistro, with maps of Greece, ouzo bottles and for some reason, porcelein cats adorning the walls….They also serve, hearty, value-laden Greek meals.

If you are indecsive like me, in a group, or keen to try an assortment of nibblies, I would definitely recommend getting on of the starter plates. Fresh olives, fetta (Which Maro tells me is from a special part of Greece, I forget the name or where it’s from, but my it’s tasty), tomatoes, meatballs in gravy, spinach and cheese deep fried triangle thingies, and an array of fres bread and dips like hummus, tzatziki and babaganoush. This is the plate:

And this is the aftermath:

In hindsight, inhaling the appetizers above was probably not the best idea, cos the main meals were equally HUGE, but equally delicious. Delicious things that we ordered include:

– Grilled lamb chops with yoghurt sauce (divine)

– Prawns and warmed fetta in a steaming tomatoey stew (also divine)

– Moussaka (a big cheesy eggplant lasagna with bechamel sauce)

– – A mixed grill plate with an assortment of yummy barbecued meats (good if you’re hungry and indecisive about which meat to order) ; and

– Stewed lamb in a red wine sauce ( This is what I ordered, and I must admit, not as great as it sounds. I think i was kinda expecting a super tender piece of lamb where the meat falls straight off the bone, but this was really ordinary lamb slices with gravy. Still yummy, but not as authentic as I hoped it to be).

AS you can see, all meats are served with a side of rice, salad, and in true Dutch style, potato wedges. ( the last bit seems a bit of an anomoly to me. THey do it in “Chinese restaurants”here too, where your sweet and sour pork comes with a side of fries. A tasty anomoly don’t get me wrong, but strange no less)

IF you still have space in your stomachs after mains, (or if you dont, but like me will never pass up an opportunity to eat dessert), I’d definitely try the baklava and ice cream (and whipped cream and chocolate sauce) . Baklava is a delicious greek dessert with layers of filo pastry and crushed pistachio nuts, drizzled with a delicious sweet honey like syrup- its delish.

To top it all off, the service at this place is great. THis might have had something to do with the fact that we were accompanied by a Greek person, and the owners are fiercely patriotic. (eg one asked me, WHere are you from? ME: Australia. Him: Oh Australia, it’s nice, but Greece is better!)

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a visit to this place- good food, good atmosphere, and good value. Definitely deserving of an “Opa”!



Prinsenstraat 20, Amsterdam
020 – 625 53 17.


2 Responses to “Good Greek food in Amsterdam- “De 2 Grieken””

  1. lily November 30, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Omg jen I’m drooling. Will definitely do this when I’m next in the Dam

  2. alice December 5, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    oh my god. Sakis!! haha he is wearing a sparkly bangle!

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