Bye Bye Amsterdam: One final nostalgic post…

25 Jan

So our time on exchange has come to an end, and sadly I think most of us have flown back to all our respective homes around the world by now. For me, that’s Sydney, where I’ve spent the last few days with the fams, eating copious amounts of my granddads cooking, and soaking in the Sydney Sun at the beach. But despite the glorious weather, and as soppy as it sounds, I can’t help but reminisce about all the fantastic times we’ve all had in the past six months in the Dam, usually accompanied by great food, great wine (or the dodgy Albert heijn variety), and great conversation (or the dodgy drunken variety). Here are a few moments, things and foods I’ll miss the most:  

Dinners out in the Dam

Some of the best memories of Amsterdam are of dinners out in the town- usually for birthdays, farewells, or just any excuse to eat out. Favourites included Ethiopian food out at Overtoom, Bazar out at Albert Cuyp, Pinsa’s Italian near the shipping containers (for delicious, amazing value pizza), Gauchos Argentinian Steakhouse (Argentinian steakhouses are everywhere in the Dam. We’re pretty sure said steaks aren’t from South America, although the ones we had at Gauchos got the thumbs up from two argentinians, so we’ll let it slide!); and of course, the “De 2 Grieken” around the corner.


Argentinian Grill at Gauchos

Ethiopian at Overtoom

Pinsa’s Italian pizza

The Greek restaurant around the corner

Albert Heijn

The most famous supermarket chain/ personality in the Netherlands. (Seriously, I couldn’t tell you the name of the current Dutch prime minister, but Albert and his blue and white logo I know) Thank you AH for the 3 euro wines, pre-made salads, Euroshopper, and Ben and Jerrys. Thanks for teaching us the majority of our Dutch vocabulary from the labels on your supermarket aisles. And thanks for being on every street corner when we needed you.


International dinner parties in the lounge

The Prinsengracht lounge was often host to many international dinner parties from all over. There was Kelly’s “All American” breakfast downstairs, David’s South African tea party (which I unfortunately I missed, although I did manage to sample this delicious deep fried doughey dessert called a “koeksister” which I shall be fervently trying to track down in Sydney), American thanksgiving, a Chinese Steamboat party, and Italian Pasta dinners…

Kelly cooks pancakes for the American brekky

South African “koeksisters”

The Dutch stuff

 Sadly, I have to admit that I never once in the last six months ate at a “Dutch” restaurant. (In my defence, I don’t think many Dutch people do either) But, there are an assortment of dutch specialties which I’ll sorely miss- apple pies from Winkel,  Snert (dutch pea soup), herring (more for the novelty factor than the taste), Chocomel, pannekoeken (Dutch Pancakes- especially from “Pancakes Amsterdam”), croquettes, bitteballen and of course, my all time favourite- stroopwafels.

Pancakes at Pancakes Amsterdam

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and I’ll sorely miss all the fantastic friends and foodie moments we’ve shared. However, I will take consolation in three fantastic things I’ve learnt in the past few days: Coles Supermarket stocks stroopwafels in the foreign foods section; there is a place out in Smithfield, NSW called “Holland house” which  serves all manner of dutch delicacies…and apparently in the last six months, Ben and Jerrys has finally made its way to Sydney shores (god bless globalisation).

“Holland house”, out at Smithfield, Sydney

So I guess this is our final goodbye to Amsterdam, and the most amazing six months ever.. And to everyone else-Totes Ziens (for now) , farewell and most importantly, Bon appétit!!


2 Responses to “Bye Bye Amsterdam: One final nostalgic post…”

  1. LInda Robson January 28, 2011 at 12:22 am #

    Great wrap up Dopey Dog…kinda glad you didnt bring the stroopwafels back…Tif’s brownies make me put on weight just looking at ’em!

    • jencheung4444 January 28, 2011 at 4:19 am #

      THe brownies didn’t last long in our fridge…

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